As a young boy Jaap began playing piano, while his sister chose the flute. The family’s piano was there for the taking and somebody had to use it, right?
After several painful years of studying classical piano, an old guitar found its way into Jaap’s life and the chemistry between them was immediate. On discovering Jimi Hendrix and Steve Morse, Jaap began exploring the possibility of emulating his new found heroes…
Being quite a latecomer in discovering a passion for music, it wasn’t until Jaap was 18 that he began playing in bands. After countless gigs in numerous countries, Jaap founded B-wave music productions, with music partner Tom van Beers. B-wave quickly established itself as one of Holland’s leading music houses and went on to produce a vast array of work for film, radio and television.
These days, Jaap chooses to work on the jobs he finds most fun – playing with bands, composing, producing, mixing music in various European studios and performing on stage with lots of great musicians!
Born in the Netherlands, Jaap studied at the music conservatory in Arnhem (HKA) and the MI institute in Los Angeles.